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Let’s gift someone life.
Let’s feed those hungry stomachs and help those who are needy!


Millions of people go hungry everyday

We are the group of individuals committed towards basic values of humanity and brotherhood. We help needy people with their basic needs(Food,Clothes) as well as Education. Every bit of share from out citizens is important to us and of course, to the people who get this help. we ensure that :

  • We shall remain transparent with our supporters
  • We invest their efforts in the most optimum way
  • We will expand our service to various areas

We believe that everyone should avail basic amenities and those deprived of them should be gifted by generous people who enjoy more amenities.

Abhishek Thakkar

Managing Trustee

The pride harmony foundation is committed towards helping and evolving together with support of everyone and supporting everyone.

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Anyone can be a volunteer. Just sign up for this charity work and you are good to go!

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Do your bit of contribution and let the nation grow with a great flow


An Amount Of your Savings

  • HELP
  • Needy People with basic life needs
  • Contribute Your Share
  • Grow Together

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Healthy Food

  • A need for all
  • Feed The Hungry
  • Improve Together


We are available at your service anytime. Please do not hesitate to contact for any kind of enquiries.


Mansi Circle, Ahmedabad


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